Samurai II: Vengeance THD gets price drop as non-Tegra version prepares for release

All of you Android gamers out there who have been wanting to play Samurai II: Vengeance from our friends over at Madfinger Games but happen to not own a Tegra 2 Android device have some good news coming your way. There will be a version for you coming out shortly!

Madfinger Games have been hard at work with their upcoming Shadowgun game, which we are still drooling over, but they haven’t forgotten about Samurai II: Vengeance either. They have been hard at work making a version for non-Tegra Android devices. The non-Tegra version will also come with Xperia Play control support which will be great for you Xperia Play owners. This game will really shine with those controls.

It was supposed to be released today for almost all Android devices but unfortunately Madfinger Games is having a bit of an issue getting the .apk file uploaded to the Android Market so it has been delayed. It could still come out today but it might end up being a few days from now. Just depends on when the .apk manages to get uploaded. Either way, this is great news for everyone who has been wanting to play this awesome game.

Along with this news of the non-Tegra version of Samurai II coming out is a price drop for the THD version. It is now available for $2.86 on the Android Market and Tegra Zone. If you haven’t picked this game up yet, you will not be disappointed when you download it.

Developer Website: Madfinger Games

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