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Shadowgun Legends is Holding a Special In-game Event to Raise Money For Climate Change

If you love Shadowgun Legends and care deeply about climate change, have we got good news for you: developer Madfinger Games has teamed up with the Czech Antarctic Foundation to bring you a bunch of themed cosmetics.

These will be served up in a variety of bundles, with all of the proceeds going straight to the Foundation. That means you can feel as good as you look.

Look Cool (as Ice) With Shadowgun Legends’ New Cosmetic Bundles

There’s also a brand new set of missions called Below Absolute Zero. As you can expect, these tie into the overall theme of the event, what with all of the ice caps starting to melt and that.

You can learn more about the Czech Antarctic Foundation by heading on over to the official site. You can also learn all there is to know about Shadowgun Legends on the official site.

Or, if you’re raring to get those bundles right away, head on over to Google Play to grab Shadowgun Legends right now.

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