Shadowrun RPG hopes for a return with Kickstarter funding, this time for Android tablets

The epic and classic RPG called Shadowrun is hoping to make a return to the gaming scene with a new title appropriately named Shadowrun Returns. This time, however it won’t just be for the old school consoles. This new game will be for PC’s, iOS and Android tablets.

This new iteration of the Shadowrun series will be a “graphically rich 2D turn-based single player game with deep story interaction, meaningful character development, and highly-contextual tactical combat”, as the Kickstarter page states. The Kickstarter project just went live today just after our crowdfunding round-up article went live which is why you won’t find it there. The Kickstarter project was set up by the original creator of Shadowrun from back in the day and they have quite the extensive and experienced team ready to roll on this new game.

There is a slew of details about Shadowrun Returns on the Kickstarter page including descriptions of the four classes: Street Samurai, Combat Mages, Hackers/Deckers and Shaman. There is also plenty back history about The World of Shadowrun over on that page as well for those of you not familiar with this game.

In the short period of time this Kickstarter Project has been up today it has already received over $136K in funding which is a good chunk of the $400,000 goal the developers are hoping to gain. If you want this game on your Android tablet in the near future, go over there and drop a few bucks to help the funding along.

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Source: Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter

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