Market having problems with installing SD card apps?

MiniSquadron and FruitNinja’s are two brand new games available on the Android market that are the first to come with OpenFeint support. The application downloads and then fails to install without an error code. FruitNinja and MiniSquadron now default to the SD card on install, causing the applications to fail to install on many users phones running froyo 2.2. Google has officially responded by opening a thread on it’s support page acknowledging the issue.

The developer of MiniSquadron has an unconfirmed work around for the issue:

“On your sd card, locate and delete the file …android_secure/smdl2tmp1.asec (this is a temporary file and won’t harm your phone to remove it). Then redownload/reinstall the app – it *should* now work fine.”

You can also try unmounting or removing you microSD card during the installation process which should force an install to the internal memory.

This seems to be a limited problem but still growing with application developer of MiniSquadron actually posting on the thread below, saying a lot of his buyer’s downloads are failing to install.

If you are having this problem, follow the link below to the thread on with and respond with a +1.

Android Market Support Thread

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