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Violence against fruit – The Fruit Ninja Review

“Ninjas hate fruit”. I think I missed that memo, but it definitely provides a great basis for an awesome game. Fruit Ninja, developed by Halfbrick, is a fruit chopping game that tests your agility and dexterity. Just be sure to only cut the fruit and don’t cut any bombs, or else… blow up which means the fruit wins and you fail as a Ninja.


Gameplay: When you start the game you are given 3 options, Dojo, New Game, and Feint. At first dojo isn’t all that helpful, but as you play through the game the dojo becomes a fun part of the game. By playing through the game you can unlock achievements that allow you to change your blade and also your background. Choosing New Game takes you to a screen with currently 2 game modes, while a third one is being promised by a “Coming soon” banana. In classic mode you need to slice fruit as they come onscreen, and you get 3 chances to not let a fruit fall off the screen all the while trying to not cut a bomb. There is no time limit and the goal is to get the highest number of points possible.

In zen mode there are no bombs, no lives, and it only lasts for 90 seconds. The goal of this mode is the same as classic mode; get the highest number of points possible. After you run out of lives or your 90 seconds are up, sensei offers a fruit fact for you to take with you as you continue on in your path of slicing fruit. Selecting Feint at the main menu takes you to your Feint account where you can check the leaderboards, see your achievements, what games you have, and who your friends are.


  • Great 3D graphics and original sounds
  • Touch/swipe controls
  • Unlockable blades
  • Unlockable backgrounds
  • OpenFeint integration with achievements
  • Global leaderboard
  • Apps2SD Support


Graphics: The graphics are very smooth and there is no lag during any part of the game. The different blades all cut fruit cleanly which is great for every ninja out there, and the multiple backgrounds are enjoyable to look at, especially with fruit spattered on it. Also the way you navigate through the menu is very clever and fits the game perfectly.

Sounds: The background music plays only during the menu selection, and is very stereotypical ninja music, which fits perfectly and is very enjoyable to listen to. During the game the music fades out and you are left with just the sound of your blade cutting defenseless fruit.

Controls: The controls are all touchscreen and very simple. When you are at the menu, just slice across the fruit that you want to select and you will be taken to the next screen. In game it’s the same concept, as the fruit comes up slice your finger across it as if your finger is a blade. But when a bomb comes up, be sure to avoid it with your blade otherwise you will have your game ended suddenly, no matter how many lives you have left.

Overall: This game is very addicting and fun to play for either 5 minutes or 5 hours. The controls are not overwhelming and the graphics are smooth and enjoyable. The sound effects add to the style of the game perfectly and give you the feeling that you actually are a ninja that hates fruit. Top that off with OpenFeint integration, aachievements and a leaderboard and Halfbrick has made themselves a winner not just for the iPhone/iPad but now Android as well.


Gameplay: 5/5
Graphics: 5/5
Controls: 5/5
Sound: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

You can pick up Fruit Ninja right now for only $0.99USD which is a great deal considering how addictive this game is. Sure there are some clones of Fruit Ninja on the Android market but there is just something about the original by Halfbrick that puts it above the rest.

Developer Website: Halfbrick

Direct Market Link: Fruit Ninja

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