Sharp and Frog reveal new Android UI called Feel UX

Android enthusiasts swear that vanilla Android is the best user interface for the operating system. Android device manufacturers tend to disagree. They depend on custom interfaces to give their devices a unique look that’s unlike anything a competitor offers. Starting this summer, Sharp will introduce a new UI for its Aquos smartphones called “Feel UX.”

Feel UX is the result of a collaborative effort between Sharp and a design company called frog. On its website, frog claims Feel UX is different from other Android interfaces due to its beginner-friendly nature. Frog says the Feel UX is “uncluttered” yet still provides a high level of customization that’s synonymous with Android.

One of the unique features the Feel UX has deals with its lock screen. Frog acknowledged that most lock screens don’t provide a way to easily access specific applications without risking the overall security of the phone. The Feel UX’s lock screen will access specific applications such as a photo gallery, but the rest of the phone will stay locked.

The lock screen also includes dynamic weather monitoring. This isn’t a new feature in the grand scheme of things, but it’s still a quick way to check on the weather without jumping into an app.

We’ll see the first Aquos smartphones with Feel UX launch in Japan this summer.

Source: Frog Design

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