A New AAA Sci-Fi Action RPG From NIKKE Creators Is In The Works!

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The talented team at SHIFT UP is getting ready to launch their next game. You may know them as the creators of Stellar Blade, a PlayStation 5 title, and Goddess of Victory: NIKKE. A new “AAAA urban science-fiction action RPG” for platforms including Android may be in the works, as the studio has lately placed job opportunities on its website.

Hints About the Game

The job postings themselves hint at the forthcoming title. The pattern of recent products getting ported to numerous platforms is being followed here as well. The job advertisements tell a little bit about SHIFT UP’s plans just by looking at them.

The studio is seeking a programmer with technical artist talents; this indicates that they want to concentrate on making interactive, immersive worlds.

Furthermore, they are searching for an animator and concept artists who can provide hints about the development of unique characters and monsters. Get ready for an exciting story since we’re finally shopping for a scenario writer!

What We Know So Far

Action combat, a diverse cast of characters, and a future metropolis are all things to expect from this game. More information about the project will definitely come to light in the months to come. While you wait, follow SHIFT UP on social media or their fan page Twitter, and check their website for updates.

No specifics about the forthcoming science fiction role-playing game exist in the public eye yet, but it’s evident that SHIFT UP is putting together a bigger team for something ambitious.

Anyone who appreciates science fiction action adventures and is a fan of the studio’s work will surely want to keep an eye on this project. We certainly will!

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