ShiVa3D supports Android

ShiVa3D by Stonetrip is a 3D gaming engine that has been used on pc and console based games for awhile now as well as used by many popular iPhone games. Stonetrip just announced they have included Android support with their Android Authorizing Tool which has just been released in it’s beta phase.

What does this mean for all us game fans? It means more 3D games will soon be coming to Android and with the ability to use UniteSDK and Airplay (which you can read a little more about in our resources section) there will be a lot more cross-platform gaming coming our way as well. Android already has a couple of titles slated for release soon that uses ShiVa3D which are Crusade of Destiny and Welcome to Hell by Dvide Arts which we have previous written about and are really looking forward to.

Some of the features for Shiva3D include an integrated editor, asset import channels, scripting, animation and the ODE physics engine along side the actual game engine itself. Currently there isn’t any demo videos of this running an Android 3D game since it was just announced but as soon as one is available I’ll be sure to post it. Until then I’ve included an iPhone game demo that uses ShiVa3D.

Pricing for the editor will start at €169 and go to €1499 depending on what features you want with your package but the SDK is free for downloading. They also offer additional support and server options for a fee.

Beta Download: ShiVa3D Android Authorizing Tool Beta

Company Website: Stonetrip

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