Siegefall gets updated with the new Dragon Hunter and other features

Gameloft has pushed out another update today, this time for their Siegefall game. This update brings with it the new Dragon Hunter that players can command as well as plenty of other new features to check out. Other items include a new Guild War ship, a new Tower, and new time-limited events.

The newest hero to make an appearance in Siegefall is the Dragon Hunter. This new hero is a ranged DPS that uses a bow to attack enemies with. Some of their abilities include Piercing Arrow and Arrow Crescent, making them the best hunter-type hero in the game right now. However, the Dragon Hunter can only be summoned by using Magic Dust.

The new tower to arrive is Seigefall is the Ancient Monolith which is a long-range defensive tower that can be built to protect your kingdom from invaders. It also looks like Guild Battles are going to heat up soon as Gameloft has added the ability to build Guild War Ships now. All construction can now be sped up, with timers being reduced, thanks in part to the new Runes being added to the game.

Lastly, players can also collect more rewards now with the addition of new levels and limited-time events. The entire update is now available for download off of Google Play. You can check out the new Dragon Hunter in the video below.

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