Skies of Glory Demo

The crew over at Androinica got to demo this great looking game at Google I/O called Skies of Glory which is a 3D FPS aerial combat game set in a more world war era time. It supports both single player as well as multiplayer with up to 8 players at a time and the graphics looks absolutely slick. This is an iPhone port of the game over to Android.

The cost of the game is unknown but the iPhone version uses a micro-payment system to fund it’s development where you can buy upgrades to your planes and weapons. Even though the Android market does not support this sort of business model outright that could very well change with services and SDKs being released such as the ScoreLoop SDK which offers the ability to implement in-game currency transactions.

As you can see in the video the game looks stunning graphically and performs excellent on the Droid that it’s being played on. No release date has yet to be announced but the fact it’s being demo’d at Google I/O means it’s not that long before we could see it available on the market.

Thanks to Androinica for testing this game out and filming it!

Source and Video: Androinica

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