SNK Playmore releases a new King of Fighters game onto Google Play today

Today is turning out to be one of those days where there is just so many good games to play that it is almost hard to keep track of. SNK Playmore has also released a new game today and it is another King of Fighters title.  This particular one is King of Fighters 2012(F). So what does the (F) stand for? Our guess is ‘Free’ because that’s how much the game costs.

While this new King of Fighters game is a new release, the game itself isn’t new at all and we are not just talking about the fact that this was released onto console back in the day. King of Fighters 2012(F) is the exact same game as the already released King of Fighters 2012(A), except that it is free.

King of Fighters 2012 Features:

– 3 vs 3 team fights
– 34 different fighters to choose from
– Different combat modes including an Endless Mode
– New selection of trading cards and extra content such as art

If you already purchased King of Fighters 2012(A) then you don’t need to worry about getting this game. If you haven’t snagged a copy of that game then grabbing this is a pretty good choice. You can’t really beat the price of free.

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