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SNK Playmore brings us Beast Busters which also features King of Fighters characters

SNK Playmore has released another one of their classic games onto Android and this time it is Beast Busters. Originally released in 1989, this is an on-rails shooter style of game which originally had players controlling one of three military servicemen as you go around killing monsters. In this version though you will also have the option of controlling your favorite King of Fighters characters.


[Updated] SNK Playmore announces King Of Fighter ’98 is coming soon to Android

King of Fighters 98: Dream Match Never Ends was a 2D fighting game release in (surprise!) 1998 by SNK. Originally released on the Neo Geo, it later was ported to the PlayStation as well as the Dreamcast. What makes this fighting game unique is that it contains all the fighters from releases that came prior to this one, including those that had died in their story arc (which was rebooted with the subsequent release).


SNK Playmore releases another King of Fighters game onto Android called King of Fighters ’97

Back in September Android gamers finally got their first taste of SNK Playmore’s King of Fighters franchise with the release of King of Fighters 2012-A. Well now we have a second game to dive into from the same franchise called King of Fighters ’97 and as you’re probably guessing from the game’s title, this is a more retro type of brawler game over the company’s first release.