Snowman and The Game Band Release Where Cards Fall Trailer

Snowman the game developer of the immensely popular game Alto’s Adventure, has teamed up with The Game Band, to work on their next title, Where Cards Fall.  The one minute trailer sets the stage eloquently for joy and sadness.

If you have played Alto’s Adventure which was developed by Snowman, then you are familiar with the game’s stunning beauty and almost zen-like game play. If you haven’t played it by now, go to the Play Store app immediately and download it. You won’t be disappointed. Snowman appears to moving in the same direction with their latest game. That direction is unparalleled beauty and a bit of mystery surrounding the narrative. When I mentioned previously that the trailer set the stage perfectly for joy and sadness, the reasons are very simple.

When you come across a trailer like this, you are immediately excited about the game, what it could be about, and all the little cues that are thrown into the trailer. Yes, I know many game enthusiasts could care less about trailers if they don’t include any gameplay. I look at it a bit differently. Everything that leads up to that eventual trailer with gameplay, tells us a little bit about the game developer, their focus on the game, the level of care that will potentially follow through into the gameplay and its mechanics. In this trailer the music is melodic and almost haunting. The wooded area is teeming with life and uncertainty. Out of nowhere, a little boy with tousled hair appears and looks out over expanse of the woods. It is then that we see what may or may not be part of a game play mechanic. Cards falls from the sky and stack upon themselves to form a house of sorts. Within the framework of the cards, we see a pair of eyes flitting about. It is quite mysterious indeed.

That is about all we know about the game at this point, which isn’t very much. Remember when I mentioned sadness in my opening statement. Where Cards Fall isn’t supposed to arrive until 2017.  Yes, joy and sadness. Joy for what is sure to be a pretty intriguing game, and sadness for us having to wait so long to play it. It could be early 2017 or late 2017, we just don’t know. There hasn’t been any mention yet of what platform this game is coming to. Android gamers can be hopeful because Alto’s Adventure arrived on iOS, and was eventually ported to Android, through the talents of Noodlecake Games. Maybe this time we will actually get a dual release, but who knows. As soon as Snowman and The Game Band release more information, we will pass it along to you.

What do you think of the trailer? Are you opposed to trailers that don’t show any gameplay at all? Let us know what you think in the comments. We will keep an eye out for all things related to Where Cards May Fall.

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