Soccer Superstars by Gamevil Now Available!

Well all you football (soccer) fans out there have one more thing to cheer for and that’s the newest release from Gamevil in the Superstars series of games called Soccer Superstars. Combining the anime style character we have all come to enjoy from Gamevil with all you could want in a soccer game with a little bit o flare added in for fun.

Gamevil is calling this the successor of Baseball Superstars and while that has yet to be seen in terms of success it certainly is top notch quality. You can do a whole lot in this game including managing your team and player, customizing your own player’s appearance/name/clothing, play any of the game modes and much more.


  • 5 Different game modes: Exhibition, My League, Season, Cup and Dramatic.
  • Customize your player’s name, clothing and physical appearance
  • Buy items for and/or train your players
  • Perform Events
  • Start off as a rookie and become a star through seasonal play
  • Great anime graphics with dramatically animated moves (little explosions when kicking etc etc)


With how this game is set up there is pretty much endless replay value to it since there is so much to do. Between all the different game modes, customizing you can do and other things you’ll be kept busy for a long time. All the controls are touch screen as well and seems that multitouch support is there since there was no real troubles running my player and shooting/passing.

If you have played Baseball Superstars or are a soccer/sports game fan then you’ll definitely want to check this game out. You can test it out for free with the Lite version before getting the full version for $4.99USD. This is a fresh new release that just hit the market so be one of the first to get it! Now hopefully we will see some more RPGs by Gamevil land on Android..Hybrid or Zenonia 2 anyone?

Developer Website: Gamevil

Direct Market Link: Soccer Superstars

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