Sony Ericsson not ruling out an Xperia Play 2 type of device

During our talk with Sony Ericsson on Wednesday during VDCC (Verizon’s developer conference) we asked about the word going around that there would not be another iteration of the Xperia Play device. Sony Ericsson did drop a few hints as to what the future holds for the Xperia Play.

It is true that right now the Xperia Play that is currently released is the main focus for a gaming device from Sony Ericsson and that their focus, along with Sony’s is that of providing content right now for not only the Xperia Play but the Sony Playstation certified tablets as well. They are completely happy with the device as it is right now but of course, as a gamer, we always want to know when the next best thing is coming out and what that will be so we asked the natural question of will there be another Xperia Play developed.

There was no outright denial but of course with any good manufacturer these days there was no official confirmation either. However we did talk about the natural evolution of things and that it would be natural if there happened to be another iteration of the Xperia Play down the road. Some of the naturally evolving features we talked about that could be found on a new Xperia Play type of device would be an HDMI-out port and beefier internal hardware.

Sony also is planning a strong push content-wise for their Playstation certified devices as we mentioned earlier but Sony has been keeping quite on exactly what that means although with the announcement of the Playstation SDK at the Tokyo Game Show, games look like their are high up on their agenda. We also got the impression that Sony may have another device in the works as well but that is strictly our impression of what Sony and their push into mobile is looking like.

However, for those of you wondering about an Xperia Play 2 coming our way, it won’t happen right away considering Sony Ericsson is pleased with the device out now but it does look like Sony Ericsson is listening to us Android gamers and have plans for the future of the Xperia Play. We can also expect, by the sounds of things, a lot more games coming from the Sony camp as well in the very near future.

On a side note: We got to check out the AT&T Stealth Blue Xperia Play while we were there, don’t ask. It looks nice and there is a minor change to it versus the Verizon one. Crash Bandicoot will still come pre-loaded on the AT&T Xperia Play but it has been moved from the stock app drawer to inside the Playstation Pocket app instead. Just a friendly PSA.

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