Playstation Job Posting – Android Experience?!

I don’t know what it is today with the job posting articles and perhaps I’m going out on a limb here even posting this simply due to the implications and possible hypothetical reasons this would be included in a job listing with Sony Playstation. A job posting over at Sony Playstation for a Senior Sever Engineer is up and skimming through it I found something interesting.

Actually almost over-looking this it says as a highly desirable skill as…Android Development? What could this mean for Android then? Well let’s go over a few ideas and theories…

  • PS Games coming to Android – While possible there were no other job listings relating to Android. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen or isn’t happening as they could already have staff for it. This would mean that the games could be network enabled. It is possible since we are seeing the idea of Windows Mobile + Xbox Live possibly happening.
  • PSPgo Android Phone – More evidence of the PSPgo Android phone rumored to be in development? This would mean that it would also feature some sort of Playstation Netowork feature which would be ridiculously awesome on too many levels to go into.
  • Playstation App – An app by Sony for people to use, standard news app but with in-app purchasing for Playstation/Android games.
  • Something completely different – It could be none of the above and we’ve all lost our minds reading into things way too much.
  • All of the above – Could be all of the above and we all aren’t losing our minds reading into things way too much.


The fact is there is no real way to tell what is going on without any more info which seems to be a bit impossible right now. It is exciting to think about though and all the possibilities it could mean. Like today’s previous post about ngmoco games coming to Android, it seems right now everyone wants a piece of Android gaming and Android in general and we couldn’t be happier about it.

On a side note, got to love the Place in Basket button on their site. Makes it feel like you’re shopping for a job. So what does everyone thing about this and what could it possibly be for? Let us know!

Job Listing: Senior Server Engineer

Developer Website: Sony Playstation

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