Speedball 2: Evolution finally released onto Android after a year of waiting

Dipping way way back into the past you might remember us talking about Vivid Games and their upcoming Speedball 2: Evolution title from back in October 2010. Well after almost a year and a half of waiting for the damn game to arrive, it has finally launched onto the Google Play store.

Vivid Games, in partnership with Tower Studios, have brought the futuristic Football / Hockey mash-up sport which has been featured in plenty of futuristic movies to Android. In this game there is pretty much an entire league set-up with full player trades and upgrades market available. Yes, this is a remake of the Amiga game which a lot of people have loved for a very long time.

Speedball 2 Evolution Features:

– Hard Hitting Gameplay
– Super Slick Visuals
– Choice of Intuitive Tilt and Virtual Joystick Controls
– 28 Teams from 4 Planets
– 10 Season Career Mode
– 10 Single Player Game Modes
– Full Player Transfer Market and Upgrades

Back when we originally posted about this game, Vivid Games mentioned that there would be multiplayer gameplay. While we can not confirm this right now (still downloading the game), the fact that the feature set mentioned that there are 10 single player game modes is a good indication that there is multiplayer.

Even without multiplayer, fans of the Speedball series of games should be more than happy to get this new addition to the series on their Android device. It will set you back $2.99 to get some hard-hitting futuristic sports action onto your device. Xperia Play owners should be happy to know that this game is also optimized for your device.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Developer Website: Vivid Games

Google Play Link: Speedball 2: Evolution

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