Spend Christmas With the Weasleys in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery’s Latest Event

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is celebrating Christmas in style, by letting you spend it with the lovely Weasley family.

You’ll travel to the Weasleys in their signature flying blue car, arriving just as a blizzard hits, which threatens to ruin the fun.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Rewards You With a Gift From Molly Weasley For Completing the Event

But there’s plenty of fun to be had all the same. You’ll help them decorate their home, enjoy Christmas dinner with them, and exchange Christmas gifts.

Complete the event and you’ll get a special Christmas gift from Molly Weasley herself. You will need to have completed at least Chapter 7 of Year One to experience the event.

So head on over to Google Play and grab Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery right now, and spend Christmas with the Weasleys.

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