Spooky XBLA platformer called Limbo could be heading to Android soon

A spooky, and very creepy, platformer that made its way onto XBLA back in 2010 called Limbo may be heading to mobile platforms in the near future including Android. Developed by indie game studio Playdead, Limbo was very well received on XBLA thanks to the eerie black-and-white visuals and general unsettling atmosphere.

The news of a possible port to mobile comes to us in the form of a new job listing which talks about porting their games to new platforms and looking for developers to help out. Current ones under consideration include iOS, Android, and Windows 8. Considering this is the only game Playdead has ever released, it looks like they are wanting to bring it into the mobile gaming arena.

Aside from just porting over Limbo though, apparently Playdead is also developing a new IP which, if it is anything like Limbo, would be great to have on mobile as well. Either way we know at least one of their games is coming, the question is will it be Limbo or the new one under development. You can check out the game in its XBLA form in the trail above to get a better idea of how this game looks and feels.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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