Square Enix announces its next RPG release called Rise of Mana. Japan only for right now.

With Square Enix having wrapped of their Final Fantasy game releases onto mobile, at least for right now, the company is turning to other franchises they own to fill the game. The major one already announced is the Dragon Quest franchise but it appear we can expect some other franchises to be touched on as well.

For example, today Square Enix has announced that a new RPG for Android and iOS is in the works that is part of the Secret of Mana franchise called Rise of Mana. Before you fans of this franchise lose your minds with excitement, we do have to say that as of right now this is only announced for Japan. This doesn’t mean, however, it won’t come to the West at all. It just means the initial release looks to be exclusive to Japan.

There isn’t a ton of information right now about Rise of Mana. There is a new micro-site that was just launched for the game and obviously this new title is based off of the World of Mana universe. Interestingly enough, this will be a free-to-play RPG which means IAPs will be involved in this game in one way or another.

Other than this information though, we don’t know much else. Apparently it will be released onto iOS first with the Android version arriving later this year. This is, of course, in Japan.

Websit Referenced: PocketGamer

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