Square Enix looks to be releasing Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions soon

Final Fantasy Tactics Android

While we all continue to wait for Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V and future Final Fantasy titles to arrive on Android, which Square Enix recently teased would happen, it looks like the company is now gearing up to release Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions onto Google Play soon. The game is already available for Android users in Japan through Square Enix’s online marketplace.

According to the information that Famitsu has dug up, the Android version of this game will feature enhanced graphics and a fully customizable multi-touch interface so you can customize your controls and options to how you would want them to be, a smart move on Square Enix’s part since one of the gripes people have had regarding past Final Fantasy games have been about the controls.

As for when this will actually hit the Google Play store for worldwide consumption, it could be tomorrow or a couple of weeks from now. Price-wise, if Square Enix uses the straight currency conversion of their marketplace price for this game, it will cost us around $15 to buy it. So start saving up your pennies now and free up some space on your phone for when the game arrives.

Website Referenced: Famitsu (Japanese)

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