Square Enix releases a new trailer for their upcoming Valkyrie Anatomia mobile game

Just a little over a week ago Square Enix announced a new game heading to mobile platforms soon called Valkyrie Anatomia – The Origin. Besides a bit of information about who is producing this game, who is making the soundtrack, and the fact that it will more than likely be an RPG, there wasn’t much in the way of details available.

Well there still isn’t much in the way of anything new details-wise but Square Enix did release a new teaser trailer today for Valkyrie Anatomia. To recap, this game will be produced by Yoshinori Yamagishi, while the soundtrack will be made by Motoi Sakuraba and the storyline done by Bun-o Fujisawa. The new teaser trailer doesn’t really show much outside of Japanese text going into the game’s storyline except for at 1:24 into the trailer. Starting at that time in the video and lasting for a good 8 seconds, there is a glimpse of what the visuals and gameplay will look like.

From what we can see, Valkyrie Anatomia will have action-based combat and 3D visuals. So it won’t be a retro-style RPG or anything like that, but a more modern one. Unfortunately though, the entire video is once again in Japanese only, which means this could still only be a Japan-only release, which would suck if that ends up being true. If you go to the micro-site for this game, there is a big QR Code which you can scan that actually doesn’t take you anywhere.

We will post an update once more details are released, especially regarding a global release if there is one.

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