Day: 22 April 2016


Cyberpandemic from I-splet is a new total world destruction game themed around hacking

Indie developer I-splet has released their debut title called Cyberpandemic onto Android. This particular game is all about infecting all of the entire world’s computer systems before you’re stopped by one of the numerous government agencies and other groups. In other words, its all about the destruction of the modern world, similar to games like Plague Inc and Bio Inc.


Team up with another real person to solve a murder in Antioch, coming soon to Android

To be released by Mi-Clos, Antioch is an upcoming gamebook for the Android platform. Set in the eponymous city of Antioch, players will assume the role of one of two detectives who are attempting to solve a murder that occurred within this dark city. The gameplay is to be one of interactive fiction and will be set within the noir genre, with players working within a narrative and focusing on what to do next, either in pursuing leads or options within dialogue.


RiftCat updates their VRidge Android application with SteamVR / OpenVR support

RiftCat has an application called VRidge for Android which allows users of Android-based VR headsets, such as Google Cardboard, to play PC Virtual Reality games on those non-PC VR headsets. Today’s announcement is a big one, which is an update to VRidge that adds SteamVR and OpenVR support. This essentially means that if you own a Google Cardboard VR headset you can play most, if not all, SteamVR games without needing to pay $799 to own an HTC Vive.