Square Enix unleashes Chaos Rings Omega onto Google Play

For those of you who have finished Chaos Rings already, Square Enix have released a second installment into the Chaos Rings series onto Android called Chaos Rings Omega. However, even though this is a second installment into the series, Chaos Rings Omega is actually a prequel to the original Chaos Rings. So what’s this prequel all about?

Chaos Rings Omega is based around a ship called the Arc Arena which holds life-and-death tournaments inside of it. This all takes place on Earth roughly 10,000 years before the original Chaos Rings’ story happens. Just like in the first installment into the series, you’ll be taking part in battles in this life-or-death tournament only this time you’ll be playing as young character named Vieg. He will be taking part in epic battles directly related to the CHAOS RINGS story and the tragedies that arose because of them.

Chaos Rings Omega Features:

• An intricate story that ties in directly to the previous CHAOS RINGS title
• Beautiful graphics and smoothly animated 3-D characters
• Refined gameplay and battle system
• Japanese voice acting from top-quality talent
• Tons of secret content including hidden bosses and a bonus scenario

There is a lot of content in this new game, a lot of which you have to find yourself as a lot of it happens to be hidden. Chaos Rings Omega also features voice acting, a new refined battle system and plenty of eye candy to enjoy. This is definitely more of an RPG than the original Chaos Rings was. However, just like the original game, Chaos Rings Omega is available for purchase for $12.99 and once again you’ll need to make sure you have enough space on your Android device as it takes up over 1GB of storage.

Google Play Link: Chaos Rings Omega

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