Square Enix’s Demons Score THD hits the Square Enix Market in Japan, on the way soon worldwide?

Square Enix’s rhythm-based action game Demons Score THD has just landed on the Square Enix Market for Japanese residents who own an Android device. Could this mean we will be seeing it soon as a worldwide release for Android users, not just in Japan? It looks like that possibility is on the horizon and it could be even today since Square Enix did confirm that Demons Score THD would be released worldwide.

Built using Unreal Engine 3 and designated for Tegra 3 devices, at least for right now, Demons Score THD is an action game that uses rhythm-based gameplay mechanics for the combat. It also has some big named composers who are already providing the music for the game including Yoko Shimomura (Kingdom Hearts) Keiichi Okabe (Tekken, Nier), Zuntata, Naoshi Mizuta, Ryo Yamazaki, and Kohei Tanaka.

The last we checked, Demons Score THD was slated for release ‘this Fall’ and even though November is a bit late, since it is more like Winter not Fall, the fact it has appeared on the Square Enix Market is a good sign. However, that doesn’t mean we could end up waiting another month for the worldwide release. If you live in Japan though, go grab it now. The rest of us get to watch the trailer below some more.

Website Referenced: Square Enix Market

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