Star Legends MMORPG full release coming sooner than expected? Possibly.

First and foremost there are no guarantees that this will actually come true but our friends over at Spacetime Studios seem pretty optimistic about when the full public launch of Star Legends MMORPG will be happening. On their twitter account for Star Legends, they gave out a little hint.

Generally most companies that develop games and launch any sort of beta testing period, whether it is limited/closed/open, usually have a period of time after the beta ends to fix any remaining bugs within the game. This may not be true with Star Legends though and you can thank 6 years of developing this game as part of the reason. When it comes to MMORPGs for mobile, Spacetime Studios are experts, especially since they use their own engine. Fixing bugs can be a lot faster that way.

The hint comes in the form of Star Legends having been submitted to the App Store for iOS devices. Since Apple does not allow limited releases onto their store, that means this will be a full launch. The crew are hoping for a full launch of star Legends on July 20th which is the date the limited beta that is currently going on Android ends. This isn’t a ‘for sure’ thing though as we all know Apple takes their time with the submission process and Spacetime Studios probably wants to release Star Legends on both platforms at the same time.

So keep your eyes peeled here starting July 20th because that is the earliest we could see the full launch of Star Legends happening and you know we will announce that!

Developer Website: Spacetime Studios

Official Website: Star Legends

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