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Card Battling Gacha Street Fighter: Duel Release Date Has Arrived

The featured image for our Street Fighter Duel Release article, featuring a Street Fighter character triumphantly punching another character from the game, infront of a yellow background.

Crunchyroll and Capcom have officially released the Street Fighter card strategy game, Street Fighter: Duel. It’s been in development since 2019, and initially launched in China back in November 2020. Just over two years later, Capcom and Crunchyroll have finally released the game worldwide.

If you were one of the one million fans that pre-registered, then you can claim your rewards today. The rewards include 10,000 in-game cash, 300 gems, and five Arcade Coins.

A Lite Strategy Card RPG

In Duel, you play through an original story that expands upon the Street Fighter mythos. Throughout the campaign, you collect a range of your favourite Street Fighter characters, as well as build-up, and upgrade your team of fighters.

If competitive gaming is more your thing, you can put your team up against your friends, as well as opponents from across the globe, in a fun 1v1 duel.

The game’s mechanics are largely made up from strategic real-time RPG combat (although you can swich to an auto-battle mode if you want.) Winning duels against friends and other players allows you to climb the Street Fighter Duel leaderboard, proving you’re the best fighter.

Audience Reaction

We took to several different social media pages to gauge the initial fan reaction to Street Fighter Duel while it’s still fresh.

Twitter user @TENBATSUxSENSOU, has expressed their thoughts on the game underneath a Twitter post. The tweet reads “And a complete disappointment because it’s the Taiwanese version translated which is the inferior version… Two year wait only to wind up with the inferior version… […]”

Contrasting this, in the replies of a Facebook post made by the studio announcing the game’s release, a Facebook user summed up their thoughts on the game in just two words. @Ahmed Zaher ElSalamony writes “Very good”.

The overall reaction to the game so far seems quite mixed. However, the game’s only been out globally for a few hours, so we’ll have to see how it holds up in the long run.

Download Street Fighter Duel on Google Play now, and give us your thoughts on the game in the comments below.

Meanwhile, have a read of our Street Fighter: Duel tier list to get ahead of the competition.

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