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New Street Fighter Title Coming To Mobile Platforms

Feature image for our Street Fighter: Duel news piece. It shows the Street Fighter character Chun-Li, news to cards of numerous other characters from the game.

There’s a new Street Fighter title poised to drop on February 28, and this time it’s mobile gamers who will reap the benefits. Street Fighter: Duel is a mobile RPG, and the first of its kind in the Street Fighter franchise.

A More Laid-Back Brawl

Pre-registration is currently available through the official website, with reward tiers set to unlock when the registrations hit certain milestones, so if the game is of interest to you, it might benefit you to get in early.

Gameplay looks set to be a more casual affair than the mainline games. You can recruit various familiar faces, train them, and position them strategically to make the most of their skills and special abilities. The characters fight as part of a team, with the front tanking more hits than the back rows.

There are autoplay and PVE campaigns, though also a PVP scene that sees you set your teams against others and see who comes out on top.

Street Fighter: Duel is published by Crunchyroll Games, yes, the same Crunchyroll. While you might mostly know them as an anime streaming site, the company has made forays into gaming before, always with an anime theme.

Eminence In Shadow: Master Of Garden and Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire are two from Crunchyroll Games’ stable.

Some Of The Most Successful Games Ever

The Street Fighter series itself needs little introduction. It is the highest-grossing game media franchise of all time and beat-em-up royalty.

Since the first game’s release in arcades all the way back in 1987, the series is responsible for setting a lot of the conventions that we’d see as standard in fighting games today.

Street Fighter: Duel is a bit of a departure from its normal formula, but it could be what you need to scratch your nostalgia itch from time to time.

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