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Netflix Releases Rogue-like Shooter Dust And Neon On Android

Feature image for our Dust and Neon release news piece. It shows the player character in a swampy boardwalk area, shooting at a robot enemy.

The Dust and Neon release has hit Google Play this week, courtesy once again of Netflix, and it’s looking pretty slick. The Western-style robot shooter comes with some striking art direction and comic-book-style graphics, it definitely stands out.

Only For Netflix Subscribers

While the game is out on the PC market, the Dust and Neon release for Android is a members-only affair. You’ll need to be a Netflix subscriber to get hold of it, though you won’t need to pay anything to start playing if you’ve got a sub.

Dust and Neon, stylized as Dust & Neon, is set in a future Wild West where once-helpful robots have become hostile to humankind, as robots in sci-fi tend to do.

You step into the shoes of an unlucky gunslinger, resurrected by a mad scientist with a few extra upgrades. You’re out to fight the metal menace, and if you die, well the doctor brought you back once, he can definitely do it again.

A Robot-infested Rogue-like

The game is a twin-stick shooter rogue-lite, with death a distinct possibility. Fortunately, you can always upgrade your crime-against-nature protagonist to hit harder and last longer in subsequent runs.

It also goes without saying that there are a ton of different weapons to seek out and have fun with. You’ll probably need them too, as the areas have bosses to deal with that are definitely not pushovers.

Unique permanent skills, plus temporary tonics you can find during runs, will mix up your playstyle and bring new tricks to the table.

There are missions, with three kinds of modes to undertake: Kill All, Train Heist, and Sabotage. Between that, and the different areas to explore, there’s a lot to keep you occupied.

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