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Super 80s World Slides its Way Over Android

Super 80s World is an eighties themed mobile platformer where you get to play as none other than Dan Camaro. In Super 80s World, you will have to save the decade by collecting old-school memorabilia like VHS tapes, game cartridges, and boom boxes.

Super 80s World – The 80s Needs Saving Today

You can’t have something set in the eighties without a relentless evil genius. Dr. Noid Wormser hates everything the 80s stands for and vows to tape over the decade. Dan Camaro is stuck in this decade, so it’s up to him to stop the evil doctor.

Gameplay features 40 levels set across five unique worlds and a synthwave soundtrack for added immersion. There are four mini-games, six bosses, hundreds of easter eggs and over 20 hours of gameplay sat at your fingertips.

If you want to save the 80s, or perhaps you fancy some nostalgia, then grab a copy from the Google Play Store.

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