Survive the wrath of an Egyptian diety in Helmets on Fire

Helmets on Fire is a platform-runner that seems to be inspired by the classic games many of us remember from our childhood.

The game is set in a city that was developed atop a long list of ruins that housed the buried remains of an Egyptian deity. Players will assume the role of a construction worker who accidentally unleashes the aforementioned angry and malevolent deity upon his city. Players will strive to stay ahead of the retribution, and rescue coworkers along the way. Shining armor for protection, energy drinks to grow wings with, and magic mushrooms for teleportation are all at the player’s disposal. 


Bullet list for your perusal:

  • Pixel art like other awesome classics
  • Free! Not even ads
  • A funny ingame Store in a Pokemon style, where you can buy power ups and additional characters
  • Special apparition of characters like “Romario” Fluigi” or “Trippy Runner”
  • Get the helmet of armor and the energy drink to be unstoppable
  • Collect the pink mushrooms in your run and don’t let pass the most psychedelic “Happy World” you can imagine
  • Master the fart art and get as far as possible
  • Original soundtrack based in old school chiptune style
  • Use of leaderboards, scores and achievements by Google+
  • You can play it in English, French and Spanish
  • The game is available for free from Google Play, with IAPs but no ads.

Helmets on Fire:

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