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Swap-Swap Panda is a Pixelart Platformer from Neutronized, Out Now on Android

Swap-Swap Panda, from the celebrated studio behind Drop Wizard and Super Cat Tales 2, is a pixelart platformer starring a red panda and a normal monochrome panda, and it’s out now on Android.

The gameplay sees you venturing out to retrieve some cupcakes that were stolen by ninjas. At this point it’s worth stressing that you should never attempt to reclaim an item from a ninja, because the ninja will kill you.

The pandas are intrepid, however, and it’s your job to help them navigate the gameworld by switching from one to the other to exploit their different abilities. Swap-Swap Panda is a game of teamwork, albeit with a team consisting of one person: you.

Your pandas are capable or swimming, climbing, and more, as long as you use the right panda for the job. There are 20 locations to traverse, and a variety of puzzles to solve.

Swap-Swap Panda is available on the Google Play Store right now. It’s free to download, with a $3.99 IAP for the premium version.

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