TellTale Games finally releases Episode 1: Realm of Shadows onto Android

While non-mobile platforms and gamers are happy at today’s announcement that Episode 3 in Telltale Games’ Batman series is now available for them to play, mobile gamers can finally start playing the game now as well with the arrival of Episode 1: Realm of Shadows onto Android.

If the entire series isn’t ruined for you yet due to other platforms and people playing on them talking and showing the series, or you haven’t given up on even getting it for your mobile device, then you’ll be able to start diving into Episode 1 now. Just like previous games from TellTale, this one had players making choices that will affect what happens in both the immediate and distant future within the game.

In the first episode, players will be introduced to Bruce Wayne/Batman and how truly messed up he may actually be:

“Enter the fractured psyche of Bruce Wayne and discover the powerful and far-reaching consequences of your choices as the Dark Knight. In this gritty and violent you’ll make discoveries that will shatter Bruce Wayne’s world, and the already fragile stability of a corrupt Gotham City

While most of the standard features for Telltale titles are here with this game as well, the Batman series is also the first time the Crowd Play feature comes built into the game right from its release. Crows Play is essentially a multiplayer mode. What this feature does is allows game owners to invite a group of players to vote on story decisions and give feedback from their mobile devices. This is done by using any web browser connected online when following along with the lead player on a main screen. You can have a number of additional players join, whether it is just a couple of friends at your place or you can hold an event that has much larger crowds.

If you’re ready to snap up a copy of Batman Episode 1: Realm of Shadows, you can do so now off of Google Play for free. You can buy future episodes individually when they arrive via IAPs, or by purchasing the episode multi-pack IAP which is basically a season pass type of thing, where you’ll get episodes 2-5 for one price.

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