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Now Free: Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1: Zero Sum from Telltale Games

TellTale Games, makers of the gamified stories, has marked down episode one for Tales of the Borderlands to the ever popular price of free. Within this game/narrative, players will follow the story of Rhys who is a corporate executive type for Hyperion, and Fiona is a con artist. This pair, with disparate ambitions, are forced to work together to recover a load of cash that both are laying sole claim to.


Sonic 4 Episode 1 Review: Speed Control

Sonic has been stuck on the rut for the last decade. Aside from the excellent Sonic Advance series for the Gameboy Advance, Sonic Team has been slolwy administrating the blue hedgehog’s death with each release. The consoles games have been hit with mediocre reviews and each attempt to reinvigorate the series only yielded little to moderate success.