Terraforming Mars Challenges You to Make Mars Habitable, Out Now on Android

If you’ve ever dreamed of making Mars habitable, we’ve got good news for you: Terraforming Mars, by Asmodee Digital, challenges you to do just that and it’s out right now.

You lead a corporation that’s tasked with terraforming Mars. You’ll lead construction work and build cities, plant forests, and create oceans.

The Digital Version of Terraforming Mars Features a More Complicated Game Mode

In gameplay terms, this involves placing cards on the planet to alter its statistics. Your objective is to increase the temperature and oxygen level in preparation for future generations.

It’s a digital version of a genuine board game, which is what Asmodee Digital specialises in. This version includes the digital version and a more complex variant called Corporate Era.

So head on over to Google Play right now and check out Terraforming Mars, the intriguing new digital board game available now.

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