The Jump: Escape The City races onto Google Play, includes an impressive soundtrack

While there are plenty of continuous running style games out there, a lot of which take on a different form to make it feel like a completely different game when it isn’t at all, The Jump: Escape The City is actually a different style of continuous running game for a change. Firstly, there is actually an end to it which essentially makes it the exact opposite of a continuous running game.

Secondly, this game comes with a pretty killer soundtrack which normally isn’t a feature in a game that is mentioned a lot. This exception to the rule is thanks to The Poet by the Black Eyed Peas who was in charge, and produced, the entire soundtrack for The Jump: Escape The City. There are a few other interesting features to this game as well.

The Jump Features:

★ Take the ultimate mobile action challenge!
★ Stunning 3D graphics
★ Mind blowing speed
★ Music from Grammy Award winner DJ Poet
★ Bitesize – escape in less than 5 minutes
★ Intelligent scoring system
★ Hand-crafted design
★ Simple touch controls

The gameplay has players taking control of a futuristic but retro looking car that looks like something out of the 5th Element movie. You’ll be switching lanes to dodge hazards that come at you at a rather high rate of speed in your attempt to escape the city you’re in. This is done by tapping on either the left or right side of the screen. Jumping over gaps is done by swiping up and using power-ups is done by swiping down.

There are a variety of power-ups you can buy with money earned in-game but there is also the option to spend real money for extra in-game currency if you want to go that route. Other options include the ability to turn global leaderboards on or off which is a rather neat feature you don’t see often.

While The Jump: Escape The City is available for free to download off of Google Play, there are the optional in-game purchases mentioned above as well as a Pro version for $1.99 which nets you 100K in in-game currency, free tips and tricks, and the ability to start every race with 20 power cells (these are needed to power up your car).

Google Play Link: The Jump: Escape The City

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