The MU Origin 2 3.0 Update is Here, Adding Weddings, Equipment Awakening, Divinity Buffs, and More

MU Origin 2 has just entered a new era, graduating to version 3.0. The latest update in this long-running series adds a number of new features and events, some modest, some huge. 

In case you need a refresher, MU Origin 2 is the latest game set in the MU universe – a franchise that goes all the way back to 2001 and the release of MU Online. The game – an epic fantasy MMORPG – sees you choosing from three unique classes and venturing out to conquer dungeons, form parties, accumulate loot, get into PvP scraps, and so on. 

Following the success of MU Origin, the series’ first mobile spinoff, MU Origin 2 hit Google Play last year and has grown steadily alongside its smash hit predecessor.

Among the new additions in the MU Origin 2 3.0 update is an intriguing Wedding feature, which allows two players to get married in the game. 

As long as you and your intended are online at the same time, in a safe area, at least level 200, and not already married, you’re free to wed.

In addition, you need a ring in order to propose, but unlike in real life these rings can be enhanced with Shard of Fate and Golden Rose. These enhancements will not reset if you get divorced. 

Divinity War

The 3.0 update also adds Divinity, a feature that grants powerful buffs for a limited time. Divinity unlocks after you reach Master II level 1 (level 501). 

A new Equipment Awakening feature unlocks at the same level, and allows you to further enhance your gear – as long as you’ve got the requisite jewels, Immortal Essence, and Zen. 

MU Origin 2 3.0 also adds Divine Trial, an event allowing players (again, at level 501 up) to challenge Divine Beings in order to obtain their immortal power. The event has ten stages, each containing a boss. 

Finally, the Infinite Tower is now slightly closer to infinity, as its highest floor has been increased to 160 F. 

You can download MU Origin 2 for free right now on Google Play and the App Store

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