The Nexus 4 will be back on say on Google Play today as Noon PST

For US Residents who missed out on when the Nexus 4 originally went on sale on Google Play, mostly due to the checkout process crashing and generally not working properly due to all the traffic, there is some more good news for you this morning as well. Google has announced that the Nexus 4 will be going back on sale today at Noon PST. Unfortunately this is for US residents only so anyone else waiting to get one outside of the USA have to wait a bit longer.

A lot of people who ordered a Nexus 4 originally also had their shipment status switch to ‘backordered’ due to Google over-selling the phone which sold out in under 25 minutes. It looks as though the supply has caught up to the demand so if you’re in the market for the Nexus 4, and happen to not be completely broke from spending money over the past few days with all the deals going on, then at Noon today you can hopefully snag yourself one should everything go well with the Play store this time.

Website Referenced: The Verge

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