The OSVR Headset will be getting Leap Motion’s hand-tracking sensor this Summer

There is certainly plenty of options when it comes to Virtual Reality headsets these days and we aren’t even a full three months into this year. One of the newer ones on the scene that has been receiving a lot of interest lately is the OSVR Headset. OSVR stands for Open Source Virtual Reality and, as the name implies, is completely open source from the hardware to the software and everything in between.

The latest company to jump on board is Leap Motion who will be looking to bring their hand- and finger-tracking sensor and software to the project, essentially streamlining the entire thing and adding a level of functionality to the whole Virtual Reality experience. This could be especially true with gaming. The current partnership would have Leap Motion’s sensor coming with Razer’s OSVR HDK (hacker development kit) when it launches officially later this year (currently a June 2015 time frame).

The sensor would come embedded on the faceplate of the OSVR HDK and would provide an almost latency-free hand- and finger-tracking while you are doing whatever it is you are doing in the 3D Virtual Reality world. If you think of this in the context of gaming, there would be no need for a controller while playing certain types of games in Virtual Reality. In fact this is already a current controller-free gaming solution for the Oculus Rift as Leap Motion began selling a $20 mountable solution for the Oculus Rift last Fall. Leap Motion has also stated that their sensor can also support games developed by Unity and Unreal Engine.

Razer’s OSVR HDK will be shipping to developers sometime in June 2015. With the sensor, it would look something like the top image. You can see Leap Motion’s technology in action in the video above.

Website Referenced: Wired

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