Day: 25 March 2015


Quickboy is a side-scrolling platformer from NetMarble that will be arriving next month

NetMarble has announced that they will be releasing a new side-scrolling platformer called Quickboy onto Android next month. This game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world with a steampunk theme to it as you take on the role of Tommy Hawk who needs to find his brother as well as save the world. We’ve contacted Tony Hawk to see if there is any relation between him and Tommy.


Today on TwitchTV: Checking out the Alpha for Heroes of SoulCraft on Android, then Silly Sausage time. Delicious!

While we expected to be streaming the Zenonia S closed beta today, it won’t be starting until later tonight. So in the meantime, we managed to pick up a copy of the Alpha for the Android version of Heroes of SoulCraft, the new MOBA game from Mobilebits. No, we aren’t in Europe but they were cool enough to send us a copy that supports us Americans. After we check that game out, and if there is still time, we will dive into the wonderful world of Silly Sausage in Meat Land, Nitrome’s newest release today.


[Update: Globally Released] SoulCraft now has a MOBA game called Heroes of SoulCraft, currently available in Europe only for right now

Mobilebits, the team behind the SoulCraft franchise on Android, has released a bit of a surprise today called Heroes of SoulCraft which is the company’s new MOBA game based off of the SoulCraft world. What is even more interesting is the fact that this particular MOBA can be played cross-platform with other players on mobile or on PC. There is even support for Android TV along with controller support.


Bio Inc. 2.0 update now available and includes the chance to spin the unprotected sex roulette wheel

Bio Inc. from DryGin Studios has received an update early this morning that brings with it some entertaining news features in your quest to destroy the human body you happen to be working with. For those of you not familiar with Bio Inc., the best way to think about this game is that it is Plague Inc. but instead of destroying the world, you’re just destroying the human body.


The OSVR Headset will be getting Leap Motion’s hand-tracking sensor this Summer

There is certainly plenty of options when it comes to Virtual Reality headsets these days and we aren’t even a full three months into this year. One of the newer ones on the scene that has been receiving a lot of interest lately is the OSVR Headset. OSVR stands for Open Source Virtual Reality and, as the name implies, is completely open source from the hardware to the software and everything in between.


[Update: Globally Released] Square Enix soft launches Final Fantasy: Record Keeper onto Google Play in select regions

Square Enix has begun a soft launch for their upcoming Final Fantasy game called Final Fantasy: Record Keeper. Like most soft launches, this one is specific to certain regions in the world and so far we know that the game is available to folks who live in Canada. If it follows the usual approach game developers use with soft launches, then this game should be available in regions such as Australia and New Zealand, although we have no confirmation on that just yet. Canada, however, is confirmed.