Razer officially adds Android support to their open Virtual Reality platform OSVR

So far we have had some decent support regarding Virtual Reality and Android devices announced. Initially Oculus Rift announced Android support before Facebook bought them out, that hasn’t changed as far as we know. HTC and Valve are working on the HTC Re Vive VR headset which no doubt will get Android support if it doesn’t have it already. Now Razer has announced that their open Virtual Reality platform, called OSVR, will come with compatibility for Android devices.


The OSVR Headset will be getting Leap Motion’s hand-tracking sensor this Summer

There is certainly plenty of options when it comes to Virtual Reality headsets these days and we aren’t even a full three months into this year. One of the newer ones on the scene that has been receiving a lot of interest lately is the OSVR Headset. OSVR stands for Open Source Virtual Reality and, as the name implies, is completely open source from the hardware to the software and everything in between.