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This War of Mine for Android is Just $2, down from $14

11 bit studios’s harrowing war game This War of Mine is currently on sale for just $2, a dramatic discount from its usual price of $14. 

This War of Mine, which is available on multiple platforms and has received widespread acclaim, sees you played as a civilian trying to survive in the ruins of a besieged city. That means scavenging for food and medical supplies, avoiding danger, crafting items, trading, and so on.

The Expansion is Even More Depressing

Focusing on realism rather than thrills, the game contains a day/night cycle with different conditions depending on the time of day. For instance, going out at night means avoiding snipers but running into other, potentially less peaceable scavengers, and vice versa.

It’s a terrific game, filled with difficult choices and open-ended gameplay, and $2 is a bargain price. Go download it now.

If you like This War of Mine, you can spend a couple of bucks in-app on The Little Ones, and even more harrowing expansion. 

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