tinyBuild’s party busting game Party Hard will be getting a big update this month

tinyBuild’s party busting PC game called Party Hard will be getting a pretty big update this month called Party Harder. For those of you not familiar with this game, you’ll be a neighbor to a house that has constantly loud parties all the time and you’ve finally decided that you’re tired of them and go out to do something about it.

Unfortunately for the party people, who have ignored your previous requests and warnings to turned the music down and so on, this means that they will be dealt with in a more hostile manner. By that we mean taking your trusty knife, going over to your neighbor’s house, getting inside and killing everyone. Why? Because the police don’t seem to do much anyways. However, you don’t just run in there trying to hack everyone up, which is why this plays out as a tactical strategy type of game.

Instead you will want to sneak around, trying to not get caught as you take out each partygoer one at a time. If you get caught it will be game over. This game comes with semi-procedural environments and you’ll need to figure out unique ways of killing people. Since you don’t want to be caught, you’ll need to participate in the party as well, dancing and blending in during a suspicious situation while sneaking around and killing people.

The Party Harder update will bring with it more levels, better Twitch integration, a YouTube-safe OST, and local co-op multiplayer. There’s a whole new mini-storyline that you’ll be able to follow, as the events within the update take place 10 years after the original Party Hard events. The Twitch system is especially interesting because it allows people in the chat of your Twitch channel to control some of the NPCs and a new cross-stream point system. All of the campaign levels will be playable in co-op local multiplayer.

So when will you be able to snap up a copy of this update? The Party Harder update will be landing on Android this November 10th, 2016. If you want to snag a copy of the original game before the update arrives, it’ll cost you $12.99. You can check out the trailer for the Party Harder update below.

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