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The top 5 Android stories on DroidGamers this week

Runescape MMORPG Android

Another week, another series of awesome Android gaming news. It’s been a big week for DroidGamers, with some fantastic Android happenings.

To save you the bother of digging back through the archives, we’ve gathered all of the biggest stories into one place. Aren’t we nice?

So ease into the weekend with these top five stories that happened on DroidGamers this week.

Runescape Classic came to Android

Only oldies will remember Runescape, but that’s the online multiplayer game we were all playing well before Destiny arrived.

And now you can play it on Android. Though Runescape has been updated numerous times since launch, and given  a pretty extreme maker, this is the version you played back in 2001.

Runescape Classic

Check out how to get it in the full story.

Shadow Fight 3 pre-registration opened

The hotly-anticipated fighter is entering beta soon, and you can pre-register right now.

Shadow Fight 3 is set right after the events of the second entry, and is just as gorgeous as ever. Beat up enemies with a variety of weapons, abilities, and skills. Count us in.

Here’s how to pre-register.

The open world pirate RPG Tempest launched

Yarrr! It’s a pirates life for you, eh? Well you’ve got to check out Tempest then. It’s a massive open world pirate RPG in which you sail the seven seas plundering treasure and upgrading your own pirate ship.


If you loved Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, then you owe it to yourself to grab this. Check out the full story for more info.

The next Real Boxing launched out of nowhere, starring Manny Pacquiao

Last time Rocky was the cover star, this time it’s Manny Pacquiao. Love or hate him though, this is Real Boxing as you remember it.

You can play as Pacquiao himself, or simply make your own boxer and deck him out in Pacquiao’s kit. There are tournaments to complete, events to attend, and multiplayer.

Check out the DroidGamers story for everything you need to know.

Lumino City finally arrived on Android

Rounding up this week’s top stories is a good’un. The multi-award winning adventure Lumino City finally made it onto Android.


With handcrafted visuals that would give Tearaway a run for its money, Lumino City is a point and click adventure inspired by the classics. Monkey Island and Machinarium are both cited as influences.

No matter your tastes, this is one adventure worth undertaking though. Read the full story to find out why.

Did we miss anything massive this week? Yell at us in the comments and we might just add it to tomorrow’s round up of stuff that slipped under our radar.

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