XD Games Announces Torchlight: Infinite’s Release Date

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Torchlight: Infinite, XD Inc.’s free-to-play action RPG, finally has an official release date. The studio confirmed that the game will launch next month on May 9 across mobile and PC.

Infinite is the fourth game in the Torchlight series. The first entry launched in 2009, followed by Torchlight II, in 2012. The series then went quiet until a third game launched in 2020. Three years later, we have Torchlight: Infinite.

Launch Season: Cube Of Rapacity

XD Inc. launched an open beta for the fourth Torchlight game way back in October 2022. In fact, until May 9, the game technically was still in open beta. Now, the studio will transition into the official launch with a new season.

The upcoming third season is titled Cube Of Rapacity, and the game’s official website details all of the new additions it will bring. There’s two new heroes, Oracle Thea and Escapist Bing, a statue of the New God, as well as legendary gear and more!

Cube Of Rapacity also reboots some of the game’s core mechanics, such as looting and crafting systems. XD Inc. has stated that the game will get two new crafting methods: Prototype Production and Targeted Processing.

Pre-Register Now For Rewards

Like all good RPGs, there’s some generous rewards up for grabs when you pre-register! These rewards in particular consist of an Insight Crystal, 200 Jagged Primocrysts, 20 Revival Tokens, and another 20 Oblivion Points.

You can pre-register for Torchlight: Infinite on the game’s official website now.

Can’t get enough of Torchlight: Infinite? Check out where it all began with our article covering the beta launch way back in 2022.

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