The Tower of God: Great Journey Release Date Is Finally Here

Tower of God: Great Journey official artwork

If you’re a fan of gacha gaming, the Tower of God: Great Journey release date has likely been on your radar for some time. Well, that day is finally here, with the so-called ‘Great Journey’ finally kicking off on Android.

What Is Tower of God: Great Journey?

As the name suggests, Tower of God: Great Journey takes place within the same universe as the animated webtoon. It also so happens to be a gacha RPG, of course.

You collect your favourite characters from the series, each of which arrives complete with their own back story and ignition weapons. These provide a variety of different skills, helping to vary up the way you play.

After collecting a bunch of characters, you can create a team out of them and send them out into battle. There are a wide variety of gameplay modes – including idle gameplay, for those that don’t really feel like playing.

Is There A Story?

There is a story, and it sees you choose between one of two different main characters: Bam or Viole. You then take on a variety of different missions, earning rewards that help power up your characters as you progress.

These rewards include materials that allow you to transcend your characters, new ignition weapons, and a bunch of useful items.

The best part about the gear system in Tower of God: Great Journey is that you can equip the same gear across your entire team, so you don’t have to worry about each person’s individual gear. That should save a ton of time and effort.

Where Do I Get It?

Sold? We bet you are. If you fancy getting started right now, head on over to Google Play to grab Tower of God: Great Journey for free right now.

Speaking of new or upcoming gachas, it seems that the Honkai: Star Rail release date is sooner than you might think.

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