Travel Space With Your Bunny Co-worker in Minuto – Galactic Deliveries

On the left we see a white pixel bunny, Minuto, wearing a clear space helmet. On the right is the games logo "Minuto - Galactic Deliveries". The background is a deep blue space with a planet behind minuto.

Grab your space helmet and fasten in as we glimpse the upcoming free mobile game, Minuto – Galactic Deliveries. This mathematical puzzle game stunts a pleasant and fun pixel art retro style. 

What Is Minuto – Galactic Deliveries?

On this journey, you will meet a variety of charming animal critters that, with the help of protagonist Minuto, the adorable space bunny, you will make simultaneous deliveries to. 

This brain-teasing solo-player game is brought to you by Yellow Seahorse Games and will be available on iOS and Android from September 30th. Minuto – Galactic Deliveries is the perfect casual game for long commutes, to wind down after a long day, or even to tease your brain with its fun puzzles.

As you progress levels, you will learn to optimise pathways and tackle challenges as you navigate space to help Minuto, where you must split your spacecraft into multiple parts to rejoin synchronously at the end of each level. As you progress through the galaxy checking off deliveries, you’ll soon learn of the secrets of the cosmos in a fun and casual storyline. 

Where To Download The Game

Enchanted with soothing music and cozy visuals, this free-to-play game is ideal for casual gamers who love level-based progression. And if you are just as excited as we are for this out-of-this-world game, split your spacecraft and visit the official Facebook page for the project, as well as check out the official website

Don’t forget to mark your intergalactic calendar so you don’t miss out on this adorable launch on iOS and Android. Android users can also sign up for the pre-registration online, ensuring the game is ready to play upon release.
In the meantime before you settle in and explore space alongside Minuto, why don’t you try a new game? You can check out our recommendations for The Best Android Casual Games.

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