Ubisoft will be bringing Rayman to Android in Rayman Jungle Run on Sept. 20th

Ubisoft isn’t done with September this year with just releasing one Prince of Persia game which we just talked about. No, there are actually releasing two this month with at least two more slated for release later this year. The next game coming out this month is Rayman Jungle Run featuring the Rayman himself.

The game is completely centered around the rather popular bonus levels found in Rayman Origins that everyone seemed to love. Rayman Jungle Run is basically an entire game based on those bonus levels where you will continuously running, jumping and swinging through the jungle collecting Lums as you go along. There will be unlockable power-ups and other secret goodies to find as well.

You can also expect the game to be visually awesome since Ubisoft is using the same UbiArt engine that they used to make Rayman Origins with, something we found out after doing some digging and read PocketGamer’s look at the game. To say this game is a continuous runner is a bit of a false statement. It’s more like a continuous running platformer since you have a lot more actions you can do than just running and jumping. To get the full scope of the game, check out the trailer above and yes, it will be released on both platforms on September 20th.

Developer Website: Ubisoft

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