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Uncharted Waters Origin Launches, But Fans Aren’t Impressed

The featured image for our Uncharted Waters Origin release article, featuring a woman from the game dressed in a red sailors outfit looking towards the camera. Behind her are two boats, one red and one blue.

LINE Games has launched the next title in the Uncharted Waters franchise, naming it Origin. The game features gacha elements and is available on mobile platforms, including Android. The studio released the game to commemorate 30 years of the franchise.

The developer has set the game in the 16th century, and your goal is to explore the expansive world for the very first time by boat. The designers have detailed the world based on historical data, from accurate ships and crew members, right down to the weather conditions.

The game takes a focus on trading, as well as battling among other civilisations and ships. Choose from a selection of 100 historically accurate ships, and customise them with dyes and and symbols.

Uncharted Waters Origin contains eight different nations, as well as 60 unique tribes for you to interact with. The 200 different ports dotted around the open map allow you to reign in the discovery aspect of the game, as you sail through the unexplored world.

Gacha Elements Leave Fans Disappointed

We took to Reddit, amongst other websites, to gauge the initial fan reaction to this game. The comments section under a Reddit post that shared the game’s launch is where we started.

One user, @Fliksan, expressed their frustration with the game’s gacha mechanics. The user has written “I love Uncharted Waters, but avoid this one. The pricing is absolute insanity. $50 for a 10 pull, $500 for a guaranteed S char. $50 for one of the admirals battlepass equivalents, with each admiral having one. You’ll earn one 10 pull from weeklies after 3 months of playing.”

Another user, @kuuhaku_cr, writes “I want to reminisce the old Uncharted Waters with new mechanics and modern graphics, not play this sh*t.”

It seems the overall reaction has been incredibly negative, mostly due to a lot of players feeling as though they are playing a “pay to win” game.

The game also launched on Steam, and what’s quite noticeable is that the review status of the game’s store page reads “Mostly Negative”. Again, the comments are flooded with users stating the in-game shop is poorly priced. One reviewer, @aaron2u2, writes “Gone is the age of micro-transactions. This game is about macro-transactions. […]”

You can download the game now on Google Play.

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