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New Trailer And Closed Beta Coming For Zombie Survival Game Undawn

Feature image for our news piece on the Undawn closed beta. It shows several survivors fighting a huge infected creature in a ruined city street.

After a long period of relative quiet, the open-world post-apocalyptic survival game Undawn has dropped an all-new trailer. This comes with the news that its closed beta will kick off for Android, PC, and iOS on April 3rd in selected regions.

The trailer gives us a glimpse of some of the world, the characters, and an ominous gate shaking under the weight of the horde.

Undawn Is Back

This might come as a surprise, as developer Lightspeed Studios has been light on details since the initial beta test all the way back in 2021. In a letter from the game’s producer on the official website, it explains the lowkey year. The studio has been working over the past months to address feedback requests that came up in the 2021 beta.

These improvements have centered around creating a better combat experience, upgrading the base building, and working toward a more convincing ‘living’ open world.

The game is set in a world that is returning to nature after a zombie-like apocalypse has wiped out most of mankind. Streets are covered with grass and wolves hunt deer in crumbling business districts.

A Wild Green Apocalypse

There is a lot of wildlife in Undawn. Over fifty different plant and animal species populate the world. Some of them are useful for food, while others present more of a hazard. They’re not the biggest problem you will face, though.

The infected humans still wander the ruined world, ranging from the regular shambling zombies to powered-up abominations the size of small buildings.

The story follows the Ravens, a group who have managed to establish a relatively stable settlement amid the chaos. Made up of a ragtag assortment of talented individuals, the Ravens hope to try and bring some hope to the scattered remnants of humanity.

Interested in the beta? Sign-up for Android, PC, and iOS are live via the official website’s application page.

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